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Anne's Story*

It was another day of helping the pastor with preparations for the next day at church... this would be a day that shook her to the core and nearly destroyed her faith in God. 

Jill's Story*

Jill had gone from one foster home to another until she finally finished school. Even though she had a rough start she was making it! She had a decent job and a loving husband. She was counseling with the pastor to help her leave some of the past behind... He saw it as an opportunity to take advantage of her.

Rob's Story*

He was finally through the rough times, or so he thought. Pastor Phil "took him under his wing" as a mentor. He let him use his car and sometimes even let him stay at his house for free. Rob soon learned that there was no free lunch.

                                    * pseudonyms

What We Do:

This is a website for victims of sexual abuse from pastors and leaders in their churches BY victims of sexual abuse from pastors and leaders of their churches. We are a voice for those who often have no voice. Churches stifle those that would tell the truth by guilt and protectionism. We will not hide in the shadows and we will do all we can to stop this abuse on our watch.